How To Kiss A Girl On Her Lips For The First Time:Step By Step Guide By Loveguru

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People must have struggled to kiss a girl for the first time but they never tell anyone that how difficult it was for them to kiss a girl for the first time. Guys don’t get embarrassed this kiss day 2018 in the Valentine week because we will share some tips on how to kiss a girl on her lips step by step for the first time. The kiss tips for kiss day which I am going to share are collected from true experiences from my known and by myself too. Don’t ever try to kiss a girl against her wish, Respect Girls, this is my message to everyone. So if you guys actually stick to my page, I have mentioned below tips on how to kiss a girl on her lips step by step. also, read one of my trending post on Kiss Day Gifs and Memes

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kissing tips for the first time

Perfect Ways To Kiss A Girl On Lips|Romantic Guide

Step 1: Makeup all your preparations before planning to kiss your girlfriend. Yeah, you should be very well prepared firstly. Here preparation means get ready for kissing your girl confidentially and romantically. As this will be your first kiss it should be a memorable one for your girlfriend. As the phrase says the first impression is the last impression. Be a good kisser. Make sure your girl should be impressed with that moment while you kiss her.

Step 2: Make yourself look attractive that day in front of your girl. So that she cant take off her eyes from you. From down to your toes to top to your hairs. Make sure you breathe fresh, gargle with some good mouthwashner before you kiss. As most of the girls are attracted to those who appear handsome.

Step 3: Now the third step is to choose the romantic place for kissing. A kiss is a private type of moment which must have its privacy between the kissers only. You should choose the place carefully and try to find out a place which is one of the favorites of your girl. This will make your girl crazy and feel top of the world and believe us she will definitely be impressed.

Step 4: As kiss cant just happen you have to create a moment for that. For a successful and memorable kiss create a romantic moment with your girl. Just talk with her, compliment her etc. Hold her hands and share your thoughts with her. A moment can be created through these steps. As that is the best part to kiss after a moment created. You must behave romantically while talking with your girl.

Step 5: Guys you should be confident in front of your girl. This is what the fifth step of kissing says. You should not be nervous with your acts. You should not appear unsure of your act. As you have to take the credit for the kiss as female personality just love this act if her boy is the charge of the kiss.

Step 6: this step says that before kissing a silent moment is created. So you have to create a moment of silence. Let the silence prevail…just gently pull her closer to you or push yourself closer to her. Look into her eyes, hold her hands and kiss them gently. And say that you love her. This is the perfect moment to go closer to her face. Kiss her forehead then look into her eyes and bring your lips close to her, guys if she moves away then it’s clear that she is not interested but if she doesn’t then be ready to plant her a kiss. Kiss her gently don’t go wild at first kiss as most of the girls don’t like that. Kiss her gently go smooth.

Step 7: As this is the first kiss then it should be noted that the kiss must be short and smooth. A short and gentle kiss is an invitation to more kisses. It acts as a signal of more kisses in future. So, guys, this steps says that as it is the first kiss just go like a gentleman.

Step 8: After kissing her just hug her tight and end with a kiss on her cheeks or forehead and again say that you love her. As this is the first kiss your girl may feel shy, so just hold her hands for a while don’t leave them just after kissing. As girls love this affection.

Step 9: Guys as we told earlier that kiss is the private moment between the kissers. It should be kept private. You are not supposed to expose that moment in front of your friends, bestie etc. As most of the girls don’t like this. So keep it private between you and your girl.

Step 10. Girls just love if the charge of the kiss is her man. Yeah so take the credit for the kiss and make it a memorable one. Just plan carefully and romantically. Make your kiss day a memorable one for you and your girl. So after years, you will rememorize those memories with your girlfriend. And there will be a blushing smile on both of your faces.

So Guys this is one of our Step-by-Step Guide on How to kiss a girl Passionately with love, how to kiss for the first time. I hope this will be helpful for you and you should share this post with your Partner too, so that he/she also get the perfection.

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